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These are some of the jewels of Africa Night Productions

Africa Web TV Reporter

Africa Web TV

Africa Web TV stands boldly out when it comes to the quality and the subjects it chooses to cover. Africa Web TV started broadcasting at the end of June 2012 and has quickly established itself as the premier Africa themed (web) channel in The Netherlands. It features fashion, music, interviews,...
Africa Night

Africa Night

Africa Night ( is a monthly gathering of lovers of African music. This event now in its 19th year, is the longest running of its kind in Europe. It is also a melting pot for all nationalities that are either from Africa or are highly Africa oriented. A typical Africa...

About us

Africa Night Productions is unique in The Netherlands. It is an organisation whose goals and aims are geared towards the promotion of Africa, Africans and people who have their hearts in Africa wherever they might be. Africa Night Productions use entertainment (Africa Night), media (Africa Web TV), information (Afrikalinks & Africalinks), photography ( and the social media (Smiles of Africa) as vehicles to achieve these goals.

Africa Night Productions run several other small initiatives like an online African events calendar, whose aims are always one and the same, promoting Africa and Africans wherever they might be!

Africa Night Productions is on top of the trends, the needs, the hopes and desires of its core target group. It is therefore unique position to influence and predict their future ways. Africa Night Productions is after all, a product of the African promise. Africa Night Productions is an organisation full of unlimited horizons for those who dare to partner with it!

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